This section explains the messages that can be sent to clients.

After Contribute or JackpotOutcome has been processed, the service will send the updated jackpot values to all clients that are subscribed to the jackpot templates. The subscription happens automatically through the Send-session endpoint.

Below is an example of what a jackpotUpdate message looks like:

    "WsMessageId": "a6f1c79f-abed-4d76-8a88-9a7d307a9589",
    "Message": {
        "name": "jackpotUpdate",
        "templateId": "7a5de675-e155-44d6-8105-a1409b5f3d8a",
        "amount": 10621697,
        "amountPlayerCurrency": 10621697,
        "timestamp": 1657275112224
    "ActionId": "ef544ec0-8178-4c27-97d4-b4d20f1ac360"