This endpoint is used to relay a message to one or more connections based on the provided Receivers array.

The following receiver and filter types are avaliable:

TypeId description
connectionconnectionId from the websocket client.
gameThe id of the game.
operatorThe operator id.
gamesessionThe game session id.
playerThe player id.
jackpotThe jackpot template id.
  "Receivers": [{
      "Type": "gamesession",
  	  "Ids": ["799e03ca-a728-4402-8a29-bfcb2188cce7"],
      "Filters": [
          "Type": "player",
          "Ids": ["8b87b579-871a-459a-8146-b2bbf1486b2e"],
          "Filters": []
	"Message": {
  	"name": "HelloWorld"
  "Sender": "8b87b579-871a-459a-8146-b2bbf1486b2e-development",
  "ActionId": "8a7b6e13-b468-4249-8e2d-daa11988a51d"

The example above is showing a simple message, that will be delivered to all connections mapped to the gamesession 799e03ca-a728-4402-8a29-bfcb2188cce7 and is from the player 8b87b579-871a-459a-8146-b2bbf1486b2e.

For each of the connections, the following message would be delivered:

    "name": "HelloWorld"
  "WsMessageId": "62d30e66-5e24-4187-b1e7-bbf08b744e70", //Unique per connection.
  "ActionId": "8a7b6e13-b468-4249-8e2d-daa11988a51d"
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